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The Top Reasons Why You Should Market Your Home During the Fall and Winter

The Top Reasons Why You Should Market Your Home During the Fall and Winter

The Austin Real Estate market for the first part of the year was on fire, properties were “flying off the shelf” left and right, however it is that time of year again…which begs the question of whether it is a good time to sell you home. Many people question whether the fall and winter months are a good time to sell, however contrary to popular belief, there are several advantages to putting your house up or leaving it on the market during the fall and wintertime.

Here are my top 8 reasons why you should market your home during winter:

  1. Less Competition – Most sellers don’t put their homes on the market during fall and winter, which means if there are buyers in your local market, you may be at an advantage selling when most sellers are waiting.
  2. More time to get top dollar – Because there is less competition, marketing your home early may result in securing a higher price.
  3. January is the biggest transfer month – Did you know that more corporate moves happen during the month of January than at any other month of the year? Corporate transferees, who need to buy a house now, simply cannot wait until spring.
  4. More serious buyers – You may have fewer showings but more qualified buyers.
  5. Better timing – By selling your house during the fall and winter you may be putting yourself in the best situation to buy, you will have the opportunity of “first dibs” on the spring inventory.
  6. Homes show well during the holidays – The holidays are a great time to show homes because they feel warm decorated inside and out.
  7. Showing Flexibility – Rather than pull your house off the market and miss a good prospect, you can change the showing procedure to require advance notice or restrict showings when you have company, meaning you get to enjoy your holidays!
  8. Changing dynamics in home buyer searches – Justifying not listing in the fall and winter because of the limited daylight hours or the inclement weather is not relevant as it was in the past. According to the National Association of Realtors, nine out of ten home buyers search for homes online – at their workplaces, on their smart phones, and from the comfort of their homes after dark.

Homeowners who chose to stick out the market through the fall and winter actually increase their chance to sell. When  the small number of inventory is compared to the number of sellers actually listing their home in the fall and winter, you will see that an individual home seller may actually be just as likely to have their home sell in winter as in summer.

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