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    Why Pocket Listings are so Crucial in Austin Real Estate

    Why Pocket Listings are so Crucial in Austin Real Estate

    The real estate market in Austin is reaching a fever pitch. Because inventory is so low right now, buyers agents are literally having to line up to show homes to clients. Often times these homes aren’t even on the market yet. What realtors in Austin have done to combat this is to form groups where people show their “pocket listings”. This happens when realtors have relationships with people who want to sell, but have not listed their home on the MLS yet.

    This is an underground way to alert buyers to the vacancies in these properties. At the Heyl Group we are members of various organizations and right now we actually have more than 30 pocket listings available.

    Here are a couple reasons that sellers will defer to pocket listings:

    1. To sell privately.
    2. To get a certain, desired price for a property.


    If you’re in the market to buy or sell in Austin, please contact us. We can get you involved in a pocket listing program if you’re selling, and we have access to hundreds of pocket listings if you’re buying. You can reach us at (512) 537-6739 or go ahead and email us at

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